Thursday, February 20, 2014

You are my Sunshine, my only Sunshine!!! Brushes


my friend Sonnie is seeking advice on what to buy at Sephora with a giftcard she received and inspired me to do a post.

She was thinking about buying some brushes. Awesome! You'll be surprised what good brushes can do. But, not from Sephora.

Face Brushes

There are 3 types of brushes that are essential:
1. Foundation
2. Powder
3. Contour/Highlight/Blush

There are different varieties of these essential brushes depending on the look you are wanting to achieve, or the type of product your using, but we'll keep it simple.

1. Foundation

Real Techniques: Expert Face Brush
Ulta $9.00

This is probably my favorite brush for a full coverage look. It applies the color evenly, and buffs it into your skin for a natural finish. Great for liquid foundations, thick and thin.

Coastal Scents: Bionic Flat Top Buffer $6.95

This is one of my first foundation brushes and is great for beginners. It blends flawlessly and easily and gets the job done. Only $7, it's a steal.

2. Powder

Real Techniques: Powder Brush
Ulta $10

This brush is huge. This is great for setting your foundation with it's loose powder or mineral makeup. I also use this with bronzer for my overall complexion.

Sigma Beauty: F30 $24

Sigma brushes are amazing. They are exact dupes of Mac brushes and they also have expanded and created unique ones of their own. This is a dupe of a Mac 134 but for half the price. This paddle shaped brush is great for setting your foundation.

3. Contour/Highlight/Blush

Sigma Beauty: F50 $23

Duo fiber brushes are great because they are versatile. They work great with powders or liquids. You can use this to apply blush, or add highlighter. It's not the best for contour if you are using a larger brush but is great for your overall complexion and bronzer.

Coastal Scents: Classic Blush Angle Small Natural $4.95

Angled brushes are going to give you that "chiseled" look. Contouring is great for flat faces, or round faces such as mine. It gives it dimension and shape and angled brushes are dense enough to apply color but fluffy enough to blend.

Eye Brushes

Eye brushes, you can never have too many of them! Here are 4 essentials that you will need:
1. Flat shader
2. Blending
3. Crease
4. Pencil/detail
5. Eyeliner

1. Flat shader

Coastal Scents: Classic Shadow Medium Natural $2.49

Yes, only $2.49! A flat shader brush is for packing on color onto your lid. Brushes that are slightly tapered like this is also good to blend the edges.

2. Blending

Sigma Beauty: E40 $14

This brush is a dupe for a 224 brush by Mac. This is a MUST HAVE if you want a smokey look. The worst is seeing someone with dark colors that do not blend.....using this with eyeshadow or by itself is necessary. 

3. Crease

 Mac Cosmetics: 217 $24

This brush changed my life and is so amazing that I'm posting the original. The 217 brush is an oval shaped blending brush. It applies color and blends it out for a soft look. Of course they have these brushes on coastal scents or sigma, but if you are going to splurge on a higher end brush, this would be the one.

4. Pencil/detail

Sigma Beauty: E30 $12

Having a pencil brush is great for your lower lash line, inner corners, or for a precise line in the crease.

5. Liner

Coastal Scents: Classic Angled Liner Synthetic $1.95

You need a brush for eyeliner if you are using a gel/cream eyeliner. This is also for using a shadow as a liner and want to put a more precise line on your lower lash line. 


so we covered our basics for brushes. Now, what to do with that gift card?

Well, I'm a little tired from writing about brushes. I will be back another time to finish this thought.

Hope you learned something!

Until next time,

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