Saturday, October 26, 2013


I've been watching lots of Jimmy Fallon lately and came across this clip on YouTube about his weekly #Hashtag segment and it inspired me to write some of my #ThatsMyRoommate stories that wouldn't fit in a tweet.

These are short and sweet and mostly inside jokes but definitely brought back some good memories!


The time you stole a packet of cheese for your easy mac - you know you wish you had extra

Your broken foot and helping you get into the shower

That time you made me go from the kitchen up to 2nd add and then ... (see notes for Morgan)


Your birthday

Pretty sure it ended at Delts and pretty badly too....

My Birthday

What did you and Steph do that night?

This moment...

The time you cried watching Pocahontas

Cold air screaming

The capital



Bethany's birthday and the stress that came with it

Your head = Right boob

Why do you sit like that?

Family photo
You, Zach and Tom - loft
Jenna - under desk

Sorry about your pink rug


The Nookie

Elementary math is hard

21st birthdays!!!




Being the buffer

Going to the ER

Moaning in the cold air


Cardinal Terrace
Leaving all my stuff before leaving for London

Attempting to go on a run with you then realized your running is my sprint

Sleeping in my car in the parking lot because I was locked out

Cooking you dinner after you got home from work and hearing about how many times you were bitten that day

Listening to all my Charlieissocoollike stories

When you tried cooking tofu and tempeh and it was... well gross

Oh, and even though it wasn't while we were roommates-my favorite memory


My honorary roommate when I lived by myself

watching every single disney movie ever


Bringing your pjs to my room - go out on mug night - come back to my room so you can change and go straight to the cold air - coming back to get your clothes the next day 

Teach me how to dougie

Finding you the perfect pink elephant for your tattoo

Trying to tag along with you and Brandon on your Skype/Chinese food date night 


Although I was always denied

The time we were at Cy's but went home early because you broke your camera
"Please don't make me call coolpix"
Going to McDonalds to go get redbox but they didn't have Harry Potter 7
Going to Hy-Vee to check the redbox and they didn't have it either. Then buying you a pretty pink cake to cheer you up. Even though it tasted like vomit

I can't even tell you how much I miss all you and our friends!

Delta love and all mine,

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