Saturday, July 13, 2013

The One Where Jenna Falls Down a Mountain

So I haven't made a "Friends" reference in awhile so I incorporated it into the title.

Okay so it's been a month since the incident and so I thought I'd write an official Jellena blogpost about it.

It was a Sunday morning and I woke up early. I had one of those strange dreams that I couldn't shake out of my so I decided to go for a run. I went to Papago park because it's close to my apartment. So I started running on the trail, still trying to clear my mind.

 I started climbing up along the trail and my adrenaline must've gotten the best of me. I've never really experienced "runner's high" but I guess I suffer from "hiker's high" because I just kept going and going.

I felt really good about myself and I was thinking about how great work was going, how I started running again and how I started to feel "at home" in Arizona after being here for a month. So I just kept pushing myself to keep going and then I made it to the top.

I spent some time just thinking and again trying to clear my mind, enjoying the views of Camelback.

So then I was ready to climb down and continue running. But then I realized it was going to be a little more difficult to climb down.

 So then I started climbing a little higher (for some reason) to go from the south side to the north side.

I was on the other side facing McDowell street. It was starting to get hot (it was about 10:30 am at that time) so I started to seek some shade and there are these caved in areas throughout Papago and so I found a spot to cool down.

then what happened in the next 10 minutes was kind of a blur.

I found a rock to sit down on and all I could hear was "BBUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ"

Now, I've been stung before but I've never been afraid of bees. So my first thought was crap I better move, but it was too late.

Next thing I know I had about 100 bees swarm at me and I was being stung left and right. There was no where for me to go and they would not leave me alone. So I tried to climb down as quickly as possible, but they were still attacking me with full force. So then I decided, just jump. Jump and you'll be fine. . .


They followed me. These bees were persistent and I obviously pissed them off. As they kept stinging left and right, the bees literally pushed me off another cliff and I fell again.

I felt like poor Pooh Bear ...

(who ironically has always been one of my favorites) Except I wasn't trying to steal their honey!

 By then I was able to find a spot to sit, I found my phone which wasn't busted. I scrambled to find the battery and put it back together and I tried calling Papago's park ranger but no answer. I started screaming for help but no one could hear me. So I called 911.

After 10 minutes, I was able to get a hold of someone and explain to them where I was. I had nothing else to do but just sit there and wait for the rescue team. And yes, I still had bees stinging me. I kept on yelling, "just sting me and die already!!" I could hear them, I could feel them, I pulled probably 10 dead bees out of my hair. It was horrible.

Then I realized I'm bleeding, a lot. I finally spotted some tourists walking around at the ground level. Yelled at them, couldn't hear me. Finally they realized I needed help. I told them, "I have an ambulance coming...when you see them, will you tell them I'm over here!?"
They just kind of stared at me..

Then I texted my dad to make sure I had insurance on my phone.

The whole "getting down" process took a lot longer than what I would've liked but I got down. A few people from the rescue team came and kept asking me questions about what happened. When the Phoenix fire department showed up, they had to figure out how to get me down. I told them that foot hurt but I could stand and walk. They were skeptical about coming up because there were still bees around. I told them, I am about 10 feet above you, I'll jump again I just want to get away from these bees. They said no, that would be really bad, a couple of bee stings won't kill you.

They figured out my escape route and had to put a harness on. But unfortunately there were no poles for them to belay me so the harness was connected to a rope that was being held by some guys at the top. They said this wasn't going to prevent me from falling, just from not falling as long as they could hold the rope.

The hardest part was that the rock was very hot. It was noon at that point. And all the flesh on 3 of my fingers were gone and bleeding.
They helped me find my footing to climb down and then I finally got down and had to sit on a very hot surface. I cracked jokes the whole time which I don't think they appreciated. Eventually they came around and realized I was just joking but they were like, "m'am this is a serious situation."
And I replied, "sir, if I don't make light of the situation, I'm going to panic and freak out."
"okay m'am, you may keep making jokes."

As I walked down the steps I saw these camera crews and waved.
They removed about 20 stingers out of my face/neck area.
Took my vitals which were pretty impressive under the circumstances.

As I was getting pushed into the ambulance, the tourists were in their car still video taping me.
I wanted to tell them, "let me know when you put that on YouTube."

At the ER they cleaned me up, got some x-rays, found out my foot was broken but that I didn't need to get stitches in my legs which was nice and gave me some pain killers which was really nice.

The gashes in my knee reminded me of sourdough bread.

I was lucky that I didn't need stitches...or that the doc was too lazy to do stitches, either way I was happy!

They said I broke my foot but not sure what needed to be done until I spoke with an orthopedist.
If anything my foot was just very bruised. My foot has looked like this multiple times before. Seriously, I've been crippled my whole life.

the next few pictures may be disturbing to those who don't like up close images of wide thighs.

I would say this was the most painful part of my recovering process. I went through two tubes of triple antibiotic ointment and sitting at my desk all day was not very comfortable.

I am used to having lots of cuts and scrapes after all the years of playing softball and all the strawberries on my legs.

Right on the same spot that I had scraped a year before sliding into second base.

I always joked about this before with my hip surgery, but I seriously am scarred for life.

I'm doing fine and had a quick recovery. This all happened on a Sunday and I went into work Monday and never missed a day which was good. I felt like complete crap that week but it was still a productive week which was good. The only complication was the after effect of the bee stings.
I had to go back to the ER Monday night because I was having allergic reactions. My ear swelled up to 3x it's size and my hand would not stop itching. So I went in and got an iv of different fluids that helped  make the itching go away.

I was prescribed heavy doses of prednizone which was absolutely awful... It made me feel like 200 lbs heavier and so wide and puffed up.

But again, I'm a lot better now and saw the ortho who said I was fine just to take it easy. I still feel like 200 lbs heavier because I haven't been active like I was before. But it might be awhile before I go hiking again.

Thanks for reading :)


Oh and if you want to see the news story you can click here.