Thursday, June 6, 2013

In my head...

So I'm just laying in bed right now thinking about the day I have planned ahead of me. I've been up for awhile so I've had time just thinking.

Now, most of the time that's a dangerous thing for me. I think way too much and I over think a lot of things. Most people that know me knows that Jenna's a talker. Jenna will never shut up.

This is true.

But I talk to myself in my head 1000 times more than I do out loud.

Think about how annoying it is when Jenna talks and talks and do you think I feel?

That's why I have a blog. So I can write out some of my thoughts and get them out of my head and onto a page instead of loading it onto a human being and then they have to listen a story that they don't care about.

But anyways....

I was thinking about all the different things in my life and how I can apply those experiences towards my new job.

What motivates me?
This is how I think about it.
I relocated to Phoenix, Arizona solely for this job. Not because of friends or family but because of this job. If I lost this job, I would have nothing...absolutely nothing.
I think about if I was a college athlete that just signed to play softball for Arizona (after playing high school ball successfully in Iowa). The only reason why I am going to Arizona is because they are offering me a full ride scholarship.
When I show up to the team's first practice, I have to work my ass off and prove myself to everyone. Then a year later I did okay, I earned a starting spot and was an everyday player. That doesn't mean I can coast. If I slack and stop trying and stop giving it my all every single day, I'll lose my scholarship. My scholarship is the  reason why I'm here, and there's no way I could afford out of state tuition.
Work your ass off every single day even after you've earned that starting spot.

How do you go about pitches?
This one I think is ironically funny. So I am giving a "pitch" to someone almost once everyday or at least that's my goal. I was watching the Cardinals game last night (which was ugly and don't really want to talk about it) and the broadcasters were talking about the pitchers. I was a pitcher for a long time when I was younger and so I could relate to what they were saying. Coaches always tell pitchers, take it one pitch at a time. The last pitch, you gave up a home run...but now it's a new batter focus on the next pitch.
Never get ahead of yourself..take it one pitch at a time and pitch to each batter differently based on what you know about them.

It's just so funny how everyday I actually look forward to going to work. I didn't know that was possible. I mean, ask me how I feel in a few months, but right now I wake up hungry (literally and figuratively). I am excited to start my day and get the job done, throw those pitches and get those strike outs. Wake up feeling determined ... Go to bed feeling satisfied

That being said, I need to go finish getting ready for work!

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