Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Job in Relation to Sorority Life and Pete Kozma

So I am almost at the end of my 2nd week working full time. HOLY MOLEY the time goes by fast. Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow!
(for the sake of privacy and legal reasons yadayada I won't name where I work)

First of all there are 2 things that I can relate to towards this job.
1. My sorority
2. Softball/Baseball

So when you start, you are in a "training class" kind of like a pledge class or even recruitment group if you will. You have training managers that help you guide through your first month or so, kind of like rho gammas. You get partnered with a mentor, or big buddy, like a big sis or mom/dot type thing. You go through training and learn the values, policies, etc like new member education. And then after a month or two you go to  your teams (or houses) based on your personality and dynamic. Seriously, does this not sound like sorority recruitment?!
That being said, I reflect on my freshman year and being in a sorority and what it was like. I think about if I could change something it would be this...well now I have that chance which is pretty awesome.

For instance,
You can ask anyone, I did not like being in a sorority my first year. I hated it, wanted to drop, wasn't friends with anyone in my pledge class and just didn't feel like I belonged. My "big" Beth got me thinking I just joined the barbie sorority of the world. Great, what the heck did I get myself into? Forward 5 years later and I am in her wedding and is still one of my greatest friends (you won't hear that compliment for awhile Beth so make sure you save this post) :P.

That being said, things have been going great so far and it does feel overwhelming at times and I think what the heck am I doing here...but I think about my sorority. I think about how much I hated it my freshman year. I trusted the people in the house and said okay ya, I'll give it a chance and stick with it and it was the best thing that could've happened to me.
I also think about my pledge class and how I literally felt like I had no friends my first year which is why I felt distant and separated from my house. But looking back at it, I never threw myself out there. I never even tried to become friends with any of them because I was out of my comfort zone. I can't even tell you how different I am compared to 5 years ago.

So here I am in AZ all by myself, no friends, no contacts, just work which I enjoy...but then I have a lot of "just me" time. And as an introvert I prefer a lot of "just me" time. But people keep saying you have to have a good work/life balance otherwise you'll stress yourself out and go insane. Well right now I only have work. And I think about my pledge class and how I didn't have friends because I didn't do anything about it. The person I am now, the confidence I have gained since then, tells me to take initiative and make friends with my training class. Don't just sit back and wish you had friends like I did my freshman year in college. Go out there and make things happen.

So work and sorority
1. might be rough now and in the future, but it's about the bigger picture and one day you'll look back and be glad you did it
2. how to make friends


Okay so almost every aspect of my job, I can relate to softball and baseball.  A lot about my job is metrics and stats. Okay perfect, let's think about it as sabermetrics (which I think is super overrated) and I think about Pete Kozma. I even printed a picture of him to put at my desk.
With work, I think about it like this,
You are going to have good games, and you're going to have bad games, that's life. You might strike out 15 times in a row, but that doesn't mean your next at bat won't be a homerun. The best way to go about it is evaluate yourself, ask for help, fix it, and try again.
If you step up to the plate afraid that you're going to strike out again, you probably will strike out. You can't go up to the plate thinking about your past and being afraid (which is another story in real life that is a HUGE blog post that might show up someday).
Pete Kozma. I love the kid. Even his personality is like the epitome of what attracts me to a guy, shy, awkward, quiet, weird etc. First round pick in 2007 and was a "disappointment" during his days in the minors. Now he is the starting shortstop for the St. Louis Cardinals. I honestly believe that the baseball world as well as Pete put so much pressure on him that it was hard to perform with that kind of pressure. I feel the same way because I have always been so hard on myself that I stress out because I pressure myself so much. But Pete kept with it, even when the world doubted him and when he probably doubted himself but he kept on swinging. He kept playing his heart out and you can only produce results if you keep on playing. So if I'm having a bad day or I'm being hard on myself because I felt like I wasn't producing the results that I wanted, the only thing I can do is to keep swinging, keep taking those at-bats because if I don't I won't go anywhere. People want to talk about how Pete Kozma is going to fail because they focus on his minor league stats and blah blah blah. But he's still playing and he's getting better everyday and he still takes those at bats and sooner or later he will get that hit, he will get that RBI, he will get that home run. It's whether or not he decides to stop playing.

So work and baseball
1. If you're having a hard time just remember that the hit you've been waiting for is still coming. You just need the chance to have that at bat.
2. Don't focus on past numbers and stats because if you are still batting that means you can change your stats that are happening today, and that's what's important.
3. Don't be afraid when you go to the plate. Always have full confidence because you know how to hit the ball. Sometimes it's luck and sometimes it's hard work and sometimes it's both.

Thanks for reading,

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