Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bryan and BK

My dad and I survived our 1,600 mile road trip. We were very fortunate that we missed all the bad weather. We left Iowa just in time, as well as Kansas, and Oklahoma, and Texas, and even New Mexico! I didn't realize they got snow in New Mexico. But then when we finally got out of the car in Phoenix, there definitely wasn't any chances of snow.
Out of the 1,600 miles I probably drove about 600 of them. I started the trip and went halfway across Iowa and then dad drove the rest past Kansas City. We did a half day our first day of travel and left home after my dad got home from work. After driving through Kansas for what seemed to be FOREVER, we made our 3 P stop, Petrol, Potty, and Pepsi. And then it was finally my turn to drive again. He denies it but I think he strategically decided when I would be able to drive because the next 300 miles was a 2 lane highway with lots of semis and on the short part of the 4 lane road, an old man was driving right at us in the passing lane. Bryan gets antsy and has never liked riding, he always had to be the driver. Probably a good thing because he's a better pilot than a co-pilot. The co-pilot is responsible for the directions, looking for places to stop and watching out for deer. I'd say my dad is good at 1 of the 3...watching out for deer or oncoming traffic.
We made it from Topeka to Albuquerque (which my dad still can't spell on his own) and we went to a little Mexican place that was very yummy.
We got up the next day and left for our final destination. We learned that you gain an hour once you get to New Mexico, but that we also gained another hour once we got into Arizona. My dad was very confused because he had changed the clock in the car once we got to NM, but we were driving and all of a sudden our phones said it was 10:30 am and the car said it was 11:30. Bryan swore that Phoenix was only 1 hour behind central time and it took a little convincing to get him to believe in the phone and not get hung up on the fact that Arizona was 2 hours behind. Later that day he found out that after daylights savings it is 2 hours. He was confused because he goes to AZ in February and during that time of the month it is only 1 hour behind Iowa.
But we decided to take the scenic route to Phoenix instead of going up to Flagstaff and then down, we went through the mountains. That was probably my least favorite part of the trip because I get motion sickness so I decided that it was a good time to take a nap, even though I missed out on the view. But I figured I will get plenty of time to look at the mountains.

Me and Bryan learned how to have patience with each other. I was never concerned about us wanting to kill each other, however if my brother was with us, only 2 would survive. I have 23 years of experience of living with Bryan and his "quirks" and I think he is still learning more and more of my "quirks" because I have lots of them. I know that when he asks a question out loud, it's rhetorical and you don't have to answer him. And he knows that I get creeped out by hornswallows or whatever the birds in Kansas were.
He has the patience of being around me when I talk all the time and it's always incomplete thoughts or just rambling or justifying my obsession with One Direction or Charlie or Pete Kozma. He has really good practice of tuning me out and just letting me talk. But most of my questions aren't rhetorical so when he doesn't answer my questions it's pretty obvious he wasn't listening.
When I was younger I actually loved riding in the back seat of our van and my dad driving and my mom in front of me. Ever since I was a really young girl, I loved playing games and asking questions and basically just annoying my parents. "Are we there yet?" "I'm bored" you know... I used to have them quiz me and solve math problems. Then after awhile I started asking the questions, "if you could be any kind of tree, what tree would you be?" "what's your favorite kind of dog? why?" they would play along for awhile, and then they would spend quite a bit of time making up phony answers that were obviously not true and then it always ended with them just ignoring me hoping I'd stop talking. I knew exactly what they were doing and they'd look at each other and smile and it was like a long could they go without talking just so I would shut up.

But anyways...
Bryan has always been there for me. I'm sure everyone knows that I'm a daddy's girl and that I'll always get what I want (which is totally not true because otherwise Macky doo would be here with me). But I can't even begin to explain how much he means to me. We left Iowa Tuesday and arrived in Arizona Thursday and he left today, Sunday, and I wasn't ready for him to leave. I felt like it was going to college all over again. "What am I going to do now?" I remember that was my biggest fear once my parents left. What to do now...luckily in college I went through sorority recruitment and I didn't have time to feel lonely because I was so busy. But after dropping my dad off at the airport, it was definitely "what do I do now?"My dad who had taken time off to drive me halfway across the country, helped me furnish an empty apartment, pick out the right towels and the right sheets, do some laundry put together 4 dining table chairs....the guy who has always been there since day one was heading back to Iowa ... now what? Well I treated myself to some protein pancakes at U.S. egg which were really yummy but I kept myself busy. But that brings me to my next subject...BK

As scary and anxious I feel I think about my parents. How many times did I hear about my parents' adventures BK...before kids. Like the time they went to San Francisco or went to a Cardinals game and sat so close that they could touch the players. And it makes me reflect on my life. Zack is about to graduate from Iowa State (finally!) and we can finally move onto the next chapter of our lives and doing it together in sunny Arizona? This is our "BK" time, this is our time to have those adventures together and make some memories so then when/if we have kids (in the very distant future) we can talk about BK and brag about the great times we had in front of our kids.

So this blog post was kind of all over the place and wasn't as organized as I was planning on but it's getting late and I have to get ready for my first day of work tomorrow!!!!
Bottom line: I love my dad and am so thankful for everything he does and who he is. I love my parents' relationship that makes me strive for what they had. I am excited to start the next part of my life with my best friend and "live while we're young."

Thank you for all the support and prayers from all my friends and family and as always,
thanks for reading :)

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