Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Next Great Adventure

After graduating college is probably the toughest stage in someone's life.

At least for me it was. 

In my situation, I felt like going to school at the community college while all my friends went off to a big university and all I had left was high schoolers....It was the same ole thing in the same ole town just with different people.
And signing a lease is like agreeing to be put in a cage. By signing this lease, I hereby will live in this city for 12 months and find a job within a 50 mile radius.
Most people can make this work. Most people can have a successful transition period and work and save money.

I'm not like most people.

Graduating college is a huge milestone and a great accomplishment. However, I felt like I was on this great roller coaster of life and if you survived the ride you felt liberated and excited. Unfortunately for me, I was that one person who ran off to go throw chunks in the bathroom and unsuccessfully at that too.

I felt lost. I felt like when Harry found out he couldn't be an Auror because he didn't have a high enough score in Potions.

I spent my time after college finding myself, my passions, and finding different ways to succeed in making chocolate chip cookies which led me to finding an extra 20 pounds.


I feel like a celebrity's publicist that is announcing about an event or releasing a statement to the press.

As of today, I have accepted a job offer and signed a lease and will be moving to Scottsdale, Arizona the beginning of May.


I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything about it. I decided to jump out of my cage and decided that I didn't want to filter 50 mile radius location on job searches anymore. I wanted to go wherever the wind took me (with the thought of warmth in mind).

At the end of my junior year in college, I went on an adventure in Europe (which I still need to blog about but anyways) so I could live a "young, wild, and free" life before I went into my senior year and then being tied down to the "real world." What I discovered is that you don't have to stop living an adventurous life just because you are in the real world.
I'm still young and I've always wanted to live the "city" life and this is the time to do it.

It's been a blur because this just occurred within the last 2.5 weeks but I wanted to make a public announcement on my blog.

Details to come, but now I need to do some packing!!

Thanks for reading as always!


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  1. So excited for you! Enjoy your new adventure:) Luv u Jen !