Sunday, April 21, 2013

VEISHEA (if you can't spell it correctly, you don't belong)

Iowa State University is home to the infamous VEISHEA celebration.

VEISHEA is an annual celebration at ISU each spring. It is a ongoing long tradition for Iowa State Students and alumni to showcase the Iowa State community.

I'm sure most schools have some kind of event that celebrates their school and everything, but in the great state of Iowa, VEISHEA is amongst the highest talked about events in the state.

VEISHEA stands for the original colleges of Iowa State.

Veterinary Medicine
Industrial Science
Home Economics

And I would say that most students that attend ISU would agree when I say that VEISHEA is better during the week compared to the weekend.

I mean let's be real, VEISHEA is a great celebration important to our school, but students see it as a week long party. But, I would much rather go out every single day during the week than go out on Friday and Saturday of VEISHEA because of the madness!!!

It really "grinds my gears" when non ISU students come to celebrate VEISHEA, ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY CAN'T SPELL IT RIGHT!!!!

a lot of the time it's due to the fact that many people make veishea shirts or party items but VEISHEA is a trademarked name so people use vishea or veshea or veisha instead to avoid lawsuits

but most people would be like, why do people care so much?

I grew up a Hawkeye fan and never thought I would go to ISU and love everything about it. And now as an alumni, I take great pride in my school and as do lots of people. And when people from all over come to Ames for the one weekend and trashes the streets on Welch, or starts riots and fires or FLIPS OVER A CAR, it ruins the fun for ISU students.

It truly does. Especially in the past when they decided to take VEISHEA away from ISU because of all the riots. And when I think of all the deaths that have occurred in Ames because of the craziness that is VEISHEA, it makes me really sad...especially when they are not ISU students.

And for us Cyclones who knows the history of VEISHEA, can tell you what it means, how to spell it, and actually care about our school, it's hard not to be frustrated and annoyed by out of town students...especially those that go to Iowa!
Iowa vs Iowa State has always been an ongoing, "friendly" rivalry. But when you have hawkeye fans who talk mad sh*t about the Cyclones but want to come and "celebrate" VEISHEA? umm no, I don't think so. VEISHEA is meant to celebrate Iowa State and if you hate ISU...then LEAVE.


But what else I love about VEISHEA is that it's not just drinking and having huge parties. There are so many different things VEISHEA offers its students like the parade, or Stars over Veishea, live bands, carnival rides, and the my favorite part, the food trucks on campus!! I won't lie, one year I ate 2 feet worth of corn was very good.

But anyway,

I just wanted to put my 2 cents out there. VEISHEA attracts people from all over and it will continue to be that way. But my main point of this story, is that there is a lot of spirit and school pride that goes into this event and when it's unenjoyable because of the extra people who don't care about ISU, it is disheartening.

I wonder if this is how Mexicans feel about all the white people who celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
It's like....
if Christmas was a huge party and then a bunch of atheists arrive to join the party just so they can go out, but doesn't understand/appreciate the true story/meaning of Christmas

It's like....
fairweather sports fans who don't know squat about baseball

Unfortunately I did not get to participate in any VEISHEA events this year, but hopefully I will be back again.

This is the end of my rant.


Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Next Great Adventure

After graduating college is probably the toughest stage in someone's life.

At least for me it was. 

In my situation, I felt like going to school at the community college while all my friends went off to a big university and all I had left was high schoolers....It was the same ole thing in the same ole town just with different people.
And signing a lease is like agreeing to be put in a cage. By signing this lease, I hereby will live in this city for 12 months and find a job within a 50 mile radius.
Most people can make this work. Most people can have a successful transition period and work and save money.

I'm not like most people.

Graduating college is a huge milestone and a great accomplishment. However, I felt like I was on this great roller coaster of life and if you survived the ride you felt liberated and excited. Unfortunately for me, I was that one person who ran off to go throw chunks in the bathroom and unsuccessfully at that too.

I felt lost. I felt like when Harry found out he couldn't be an Auror because he didn't have a high enough score in Potions.

I spent my time after college finding myself, my passions, and finding different ways to succeed in making chocolate chip cookies which led me to finding an extra 20 pounds.


I feel like a celebrity's publicist that is announcing about an event or releasing a statement to the press.

As of today, I have accepted a job offer and signed a lease and will be moving to Scottsdale, Arizona the beginning of May.


I was tired of feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything about it. I decided to jump out of my cage and decided that I didn't want to filter 50 mile radius location on job searches anymore. I wanted to go wherever the wind took me (with the thought of warmth in mind).

At the end of my junior year in college, I went on an adventure in Europe (which I still need to blog about but anyways) so I could live a "young, wild, and free" life before I went into my senior year and then being tied down to the "real world." What I discovered is that you don't have to stop living an adventurous life just because you are in the real world.
I'm still young and I've always wanted to live the "city" life and this is the time to do it.

It's been a blur because this just occurred within the last 2.5 weeks but I wanted to make a public announcement on my blog.

Details to come, but now I need to do some packing!!

Thanks for reading as always!


Friday, April 5, 2013

Dear Mom,

Today is your birthday  (duh duh duh duh duh duh duh)
Hope you have a good one (da da da da da da)
I don't remember if it was duh or da a na

But I know how fond you were of birthday songs... that and your "kids are punny too" book. Oh dear, I hated when you would ask me for my opinion about your jokes because none of them were funny to me. But ironically enough I find myself acting like you more and more everyday. I feel bad for my future kids because I will embarrass them. Sometimes, in the car and One Direction is blasting on the radio, I catch myself AND Zack doing the pigeon. Never that I'd see the day.

Right now I'm having major tooth pain...mainly because I have a hole in my back tooth and a canker sore. I probably should get it pulled. Do you remember the last time I got my tooth pulled? You took me to the Dentist in Davenport and we stopped at the gas station beforehand and you spent FOREVER trying to find the big cookies. I told you that it was the Grandma's cookies that you were looking for but you wouldn't believe me. Then after 10 minutes you picked out the Grandma's cookies and said "this is what I was looking for!" Goodness.

To be completely honest, I don't think you would be able to handle 54. The stubbornness you had before would have probably grown exponentially by now. Zack tells me that I am very stubborn and ignorant, I guess I get that from you. However, I don't do the silent treatment. I'm very bad at that. I bet you that Zack wished I gave him the silent treatment because I do the complete opposite of silent!
We're living together and things have been great. I know you would have had a really hard time accepting that and you would've ignored me and dad for at least a month but I know you would eventually come around and be comfortable with it. I was always thankful that you got to meet Zack and that we're still together. I remember you told every single person you knew about him because you were probably scared I'd never date anyone. Freshmen year we came home because dad was sick and I wanted to help you take care of him. Us 3 went out to the Button Factory and I got onion straws as a meal which was a bad idea. The Button Factory is closed now.

As you know I graduated from college. I ended up with my B.S. in Kinesiology (BS indeed!) I'm still a little lost as to what I want to do from this moment on. I could really use your advice, but I know what you'd say.  You'd say that I should do whatever it is that makes me happy (as long as it wasn't being a lazy bum living at home). I find that the issue I have is that there are so many options I have. There are a lot of different things that I would be good at and can't decide. I would have to go to grad school to get certain jobs I've considered but not sure if I want to go back to school for awhile. AND I SWEAR TO GOD TO THIS DAY I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER YOU SAID YOU AND DAD WOULD PAY FOR GRAD SCHOOL IF I WENT. I know you did!!!!! We were at Target in Iowa City, so you and dad can stop trying to trick me into thinking you didn't.

Macky doo's birthday is coming up soon too. He's going to be 13! Can you believe it. I remember when we first got told us there was a surprise for us at the bank. On the way there you pointed out a neat truck parked on the side of the road and we thought that was the surprise. Then we got to the bank and they had a big rocket on display and was disappointed because we thought that was the surprise. But then dad walked up to us with this little puppy with gold eyebrows. What a little runt he was. Even with his age he is still a puppy. They say that dogs take after their owners and I couldn't agree more. He is weird, VERY weird. Which I think he got from me you and dad.

When you were at home and we had visitors coming and going he was so quiet and not annoying at all.
Almost as if he knew something was going on. Then he somehow got passed the gate and ran upstairs right to your bed. He's a smart dog and he told me he misses sharing the couch with you.
He gets full reign of our new house. But surprisingly he is well behaved and we have a deck that is perfect for him to hang outside. I don't know if you'd like our neighborhood. It's pretty quiet and not much action. You and Carol wouldn't enjoy your "patio" as much because you'd just stare at the highway and have no one to talk about.

Jared's still Jared...enough said.

I guess I just wanted to catch up with you and write it down. I think the biggest surprise and difference about me since you've been gone is my obsession for makeup. I can only imagine how far your eyes would be rolling by now. I often think about what I would be like if you were still here. I probably wouldn't have spent hundreds of dollars on makeup and have a beauty channel/blog. But I'm sure I would've spent hundreds of dollars on something's what I do best! And if it isn't obvious where I got my username from, I'll explain.
Jellena is Jenna with Ellen in the middle.
I came up with it sophomore year. Pretty creative, huh? And I still have my necklace I got from you for Christmas all those years ago. The one that's your heart with mine (how corny).

Well, I hope you had a good birthday and that you did something fun, maybe eat an oreo blizzard or two.

Love you and miss you everyday,