Saturday, March 2, 2013

Travel Abroad part 2 ...really late part 2

Well I wrote this in my journal on the plane ride home. But luckily the memories that were made are still fresh in my brain.

August 11, 2011

Well so much for journaling on my trip. I even brought it travelling and it was just a waste of space. Well I'm finally on the plane to Moline. It's been a long journey that's for sure. I woke up late and was concerned I didn't have everything packed so I made it to the tube station late and had to run to my gate. I got to the airport at 10:05 and my flight was supposed to leave at 10:15...I was very lucky but my luggage wasn't.
After getting off the plane in O'Hare, I had to go through customs, get my bag (which wasn't there) and then go through customs AGAIN then find my gate which was at a different terminal, then go through security and then run to my gate. It was quite the workout.
By the time I got to the Moline airport, I was so relieved. I remember seeing my dad at the end of the hall and I just ran. I was so happy to see him and tell him everything.

I came into London the night before from Barcelona and I had a late flight. It took too long to get my luggage that I missed the last train to get back to campus and the only option I had was to take a cab. I could've taken a bus but it would've taken 2 plus hours, plus there was all the riots going on at the time. The cab cost me 75 pounds...75!!!!! I was going to die!! The cab driver was very nice and we talked on the drive back. He pointed out this smoke in the distance and said that it was the Sony building from the riots. We had a bunch of policemen that were staying in our dorms which was kind of scary. I thanked the very kind cab driver but I was still dying inside that I spent more on a cab ride inside of London than my flight from Barcelona to London. GAHHH

I left Barcelona before the rest of the girls because they were staying in London for another week

Well part 1 of my journal was before I got to London and part 2 is about when I left. I'll try and write a better blog next time about what happened in between that time.

Thanks for reading :)


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