Friday, March 15, 2013

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ever since I was a young lass, I have always enjoyed cooking. I would always help my parents bake treats (that they would take to work and I never got to eat, still a little bitter but whatever) and help make dinner and so on.

Lord knows that my family isn't blessed with betty crocker skills (besides my grandma but that's because she's grandma). We do make good "here's and there's" that are basically fudge oatmeal type bars (and I actually like the way we make it better than Grandma's because we make it extra fudgy). And then there's the time my mom tried to make her chocolate eclair dessert. The stubborn person that she is, wouldn't wear her glasses and read the recipe for making the pudding wrong and didn't put enough milk in which resulted in a burnt out blender. 2 things, 1 my parents have the same appliances that they had since they got married or they replaced them with the cheapest option. And 2, why she was making pudding in a blender, I don't know.

But the one thing that we could never master was the chocolate chip cookie.
We tried and we tried and we tried but we could never successfully make chocolate chip cookies! We would just use the recipe on the back of the bag. Our neighbor made homemade cookies that were so perfect and I remember asking her how she got her cookies to be so perfect. Her secret was using crisco and a little extra flour. Well I tried that and NOTHING. My cookies were so thin, like potato chip thin and super crispy in a burnt kind of way, and then chocolate chips here and there.

Well the other night, I was determined to try and bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. It probably has been over 7 years that I attempted to make them. I was very excited to see that my first batch looked really light and they were very puffy, almost like muffin tops. But when I took out the second batch (from the same batter, just on a different tray) they were flatter than flat.
I couldn't understand where I went wrong!
Then my dad pointed out that I used baking powder instead of baking soda. Whoops..... So we threw away the super thin ones and kept some of the cakey ones.

But tonight, I think I did it. I think I made the perfect homemade chocolate chip cookie.
They are slightly crisp around the edges, but nice and chewy and chocolatey in the middle. Not burnt, not too crisp. I am very proud of myself.
After 23 years of failure, I can finally say I made chocolate chip cookies that didn't look sh*t.

Well now that you are craving chocolate chip cookies, here is my one piece of advice for my success.
I think it's all about creaming the butter and sugar together. Make sure the butter is nice and soft, that creates a creamier dough. Don't use cold butter and then melt it in the microwave.

I just had to blog about this huge victory that just occurred in my life.

Thanks for reading :)


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