Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Favorite One Direction Music Videos

I know this is pretty pathetic and irrelevant to most people, but it's been awhile since I've actually posted anything so I thought this would be an easy topic to discuss :)

1. One Thing
This was the first song that got me hooked on One Direction. I remember I would watch it over and over again because it was one of my favorite songs. I remember thinking the guy who sings first with the vest on, he's cute.
My second thought was, so who are these guys?
Well I kind of have slight OCD and I'm not afraid to admit that 1D is one of my obsessions. I read all about them on Wikipedia, watched hours worth of interviews and other clips.
(I think my next post will be about my OCD and my eccentricities.
But this is my favorite video because it shows the personalities of the guys and it's not all about looking cute or flirting with girls. And it was shot before they were world wide famous and it's neat to see all their fans at the beginning and see their interactions. And you get to sight see in one of my favorite places in the world, LONDON.
I also love this video because there are so many little things that one might miss if they only watched it a few times. I like to watch this video 5 times and each time focus on one of the guys. Niall is my favorite by far. He has like major ADD going on and it's so funny. I'll have to make a post about that too.
Oh ya, and I remember thinking Liam is a really good clapper.

2. Kiss You
This would be my second favorite music video because again, it shows off the boys' personalities. It's a little corny and weird and some people are gonna say their gay. But I love it. I love when you can see their true selves and what their like being together. I think it's cute :)

3. Little Things
Simple, easy, adorable. A love song that isn't about love. Does that make sense? It could have easily been a video about the guys and their lovers and them looking cute and flirting/dating etc but it isn't. It's about the boys. I think there's a recurring pattern here.

4. What Makes You Beautiful
I like this music video just because they look so young in it! A lot of people would always call me a pedofile or creep because I love these guys so much. But 1) I love them like I want to be best friends with them 2) Louis is 21 so whatever 3) Harry who is 19 dated Caroline Flack, 15 years his senior and 3) Liam is dating a 24 year old
But people think about them like they are in this video, but that was like 3 years ago. I mean, look at Niall's teeth and Liam's hair! So long ago.

5. One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)
The song isn't my absolute favorite. But the meaning behind this video and the thought that went into it is what makes it so special. I like the fact that it's mostly filmed and directed by the boys and that you get to see their work and efforts in Africa.

6. It's Gotta Be You
Not a bad video but not a fan of the clothing, the set up, and Liam's hair. But my favorite part is Zayn's solo at the end...melts my heart a little bit every time :)

Okay that's it for now. If you haven't watched any of these videos, you must. Go, now. I'm sure you've heard of it. One Direction Vevo. Go on.

Thanks for reading :)


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