Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A very late travel abroad blog

Well, I haven't been doing well with blogging once a week. And I'm going to kind of cheat because I'm writing going to blog about my study abroad experience that happened almost 2 years ago and I already wrote it in my journal but now I'm going to transfer it to this (excluding some events that my father probably wouldn't want to know).

My fasha dropping me off at the air port!!

So here we go:

July 5, 2011

I'm sitting in the O'Hare airport right now. I still have 1.5 hours before I board for my flight to LONDON. Everything seems surreal. I can't believe it's finally here...I'm actually going to London. I need to make sure to take every opportunity to let sink in and have the time of my life. I wish I was gone for a little longer but I wanted to be around my last (sorority) recruitment.

I feel like this trip will be just what I needed. I honestly think if Mom was still here and if I was still with Zack that I wouldn't be here right now. Everything's just hit me at once--realizing how lost I felt and that this one in a lifetime opportunity would never come again and I felt like I had to take it. I'm so grateful Dad has been so supportive. I'm sure he's a lot more nervous that he shows. Mom would've been a HUGE mess. I know she'll protect me while I'm gone and I'll make smart decisions.

Beth got engaged!!! Finally! Her ring is gorgeous, and I got to try it on...although it didn't fit my finger :P  And Kristen is moving to NY and got a job with a PR firm.

I feel my immaturity has been caused by my fear of growing up. I want to have a steady routine and live in the real world but I'm still terrified. I still dont' know what I want to do with my life. But I think I have decided that after college I'm going to try and live in a big city somewhere and experience a new aspect of life. This is the time for me to travel and live in big cities and explore everything that's out there.
(editor's note: that did not happen)
All I know is whatever is supposed to happen will happen. Right now I'm happy, have good friends and having fun.
I'm hoping I can vlog while I'm gone. I also hope I find CHARLIE :) I doubt it but I will be searching.

Hope to write again soon,

Here's a video of when I first got to campus. Unfortunately, I don't have many videos since I lost my camera in Prague :(

Editor's note: next journal entry was August 11, 2011.

I'll keep posting about my trip to Europe because it was quite memorable. This can be like my blog series: Jenna goes to London
And I can share some pictures and a lot of anecdotes :)

Thanks for reading :)


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Top 15 Boy Band Songs

It wouldn't be a secret that I love boy bands. I already declared my love for One Direction. And one day I will tell you the story about my slightly depressing experience at a N'Sync concert when I was in the third grade.

But anyway,
I wanted to take on the challenge of determining my top 15 boy band songs. It started out as my top 10 but there was just no way I could make that happen. I also had to rule that 3 songs max per boy band was allowed because otherwise it would be like the top 30.

Now, this is completely subjective and of my own opinion. I based my decisions on the following factors:
1. Sing-a-long-ability
Is it a song that just makes me want to sing on the top of my lungs? Is it a tune that is so catchy, you just can't help but sing?
2. Power
I don't know how to explain how a song has power, but when you feel it, you know.
3. Emotional Meaning
How does the song make me feel about myself as a person.
4. Music Video
Does it make me want to giggle like a little school girl?

Now before we start, I know people are going to think OMG I hate boy bands and they deserve to die. Then you people are reading the wrong blog because this fan girl loves boy bands and not afraid to show it!

So I was not sure how to go about this because there are so many great songs that I love. I thought about making multiple categories (slow vs fast or 90's vs today). But I thought about each individual boy band and their top songs and then struggled to name the best 15. Make sure you check out the Honorable Mentions because there are a lot worth mentioning!

15. All I Have to Give by Backstreet Boys
What a great way to start off the list with BSB! Although this might not be the most favorited song of the bunch but I absolutely love this song. And I love the silky colored shirts in the white suits with the hats and bared stomachs in the video (not to mention the dance moves).

14. I Do by 98 Degrees

I swore this song would play at my wedding. I remember when this music video first came out and thinking "that girl must be really popular to have 4 guys propose to her" and that wearing skin tight cheetah print dresses makes boobs look good.

13. It's the Things You Do by 5ive
First of all, who thought a 5 resembled an "F" ? Second of all, I don't get all the Nascar references ..."let me fill you up...queen midas..." and third of all, the song includes old school white boy rap.

12. Back here by BBMak

I would listen to this song over and over again whenever it came on the Disney Channel. "Are you thinking of me cuz I'm thinking of you...are you ever coming back in my life?" Come on, melt my heart why dontcha!
Looking back watching the music video I didn't realize that it was in London so that definitely adds a few points to make it onto the top 15 list. Also, they are pretty good looking, I didn't really notice that 10 years ago.

11. I Swear by All 4 One

Oh my gosh, how do I love this song! I have this vivid memory of listening to this song in my neighbor's garage and just singing my heart out. This song has so much emotion and "power" and .... I love it. I love songs that build into the power like... (insert singing)"for better or worse... 'til death do us part...I'll love you with every beat of my heart"
This song would have been a little higher on the list if it didn't have a music video at all. I never knew what All 4 One looked like...it's a great song to listen to but not watch.

10. All or Nothing by O-Town

This song takes me back to middle school dances...this was the song that I wanted to dance to with my crush (which was always awkward and he never wanted to dance with me). How relatable is this song though, seriously? "Cause I want it all...or nothing at all..." That's deep.

9. As Long As You Love me
This song always makes me laugh because I add my own lyrics. "I don't care who you are, where you're from, don't care what you did, as long as you love me...I don't care if you're a guy, that was a serial killer, as long as you love me"

8. It Happens Every Time by Dream Street

This one hit wonder was one of my absolute favorites, and I know anyone growing up in the 90s can agree. This is one of those songs that I wouldn't hear in 20 years but still know all the words. This song definitely has the power. I love this song but you have to ignore the fact that these are like 13 year old boys. But still, makes me feel a little tingly inside. And who didn't love little Jesse McCartney's solo...seriously.

7. One Thing by One Direction

Now, I know this might be controversial because One Direction is the "new" boy band and you can't compare them to BSB or N'Sync. And you would be right, you can't compare them because they are unique and great and a new style of boy band that I absolutely love. This song was the first song that I discovered and instantly fell in love. Louis's solo is my favorite :)

6. Tearing Up My Heart by N'Sync
So this would be one of those songs that is so catchy you have to love it. When I think of this song, I think of white beaters, Justin Timberlake in a bed and Joey without facial hair. The dance moves are also really catchy. Everyone has to remember the "I am down...on my knees" and they get on their knees, gosh I love them.

5. I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys
Okay, the third and top song by BSB...I had to really think about the top 3 BSB songs and I'm not 100% sure why this one is my favorite. Especially because the lyrics are kind of confusing, they want it what way? Even though the song doesn't contain a full sentence, it is my favorite song. Tell me why?

4. Bye Bye Bye by N'Sync
What's funny is that I didn't really like this song when it first came out, it kind of annoyed me. But years later, it gets stuck in my head. Again, I feel like the choreography is as memorable as the song itself. *Hit hit hit baby bye bye bye* you know how it goes. It was a great single to come from their second album so I'm leaving you behind. Catchy.

3. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
I know I am biased and that some people won't agree that this song should be ranked at number 3. But let me tell you something...and this is a pet peeve of mine. So many times people talk about how much they hate 1D and this song blah blah blah but then when it comes on the radio they start singing their hearts out as if it were their favorite song. That's why this song is highly ranked because it is catchy and you cannot deny that. Plus this song is the story of my life. I've never considered myself beautiful and that's what makes me like so totally hott!

2. I Want You Back by N'Sync

At first I wasn't sure if this song would be in the top ten. But then "dun dun dun dun dun" came into my head. You know what I mean, the "dun dun dun dun dun." Plus this is the song where they do the flips, how awesome is that! And I love the sepia, basketball playing music video. Oh, and the high singing "you're the one I want...you're the one I need" at the end that's high pitched and slightly whiny ...talk about song worm.


1. Swear it Again by Westlife
Wait, what?!?!? How many people actually remember this song? I bet most people thought that it would be N'Sync or BSB at the top of the list but those people would be WRONG.
I loved Westlife and all of their songs but this one was the main one that became popular in the U.S. This song has the power to the max and the building of the power and the raw emotion. I don't know how to explain why I love this song but I do. It's a song that you can do interpretive dance to and that's one of the reasons why this song is the top of the list.

There you have it! I hope you enjoyed the post and feel free to leave a comment about your favorite boy band song!

Thanks for reading :)


Honorable Mentions
Backstreet Boys

  • I'll never break your heart
  • Drowning
  • Show me the meaning of being lonely
  • Quit playing games with my heart
  • Shape of my heart
  • This I promise you
  • God must've spent a little more time on you
  • Pop
  • Here we go
  • Girlfriend
  • Gone
BB Mak
  • Out of my heart
  • I dont' wanna fight no more
  • Fool again
  • You can't lose what you never had
  • Baby when the lights go out
  • Until the time is through
98 Degrees
  • My Everything
  • Because of You
One Direction
  • Kiss You
  • Up All Night
  • More Than This

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