Friday, January 4, 2013

Do I know you?

So this is probably going to sound strange.

Do you ever get that feeling when you are looking at someone you know and you think, "do I know you?" And not just someone that you remember meeting last Friday night at a party or a friend of a friend 4 years ago, I'm talking about someone you know and see everyday.
I get that a lot with my boyfriend Zack. I see him everyday and we've been together for over 4 years. But once in awhile I find myself staring at him and think he is super hott (just kidding...he wishes) but I feel like I've never seen him before. It's really weird.
But I wanted to write this blog post because I had that same feeling about myself today.

I got home from work after a full day and my feet were hurting pretty badly. I had gotten some groceries and I started to put them away. I took my shoes off and got something to eat and poured myself a glass of Simply Orange orange juice. I was disappointed because it was the pulp free orange juice and it didn't taste as good.
Then I look down and I see my socks...
Here I am drinking OJ and I'm wearing leopard socks.
Yeah, so Jenna what's the point?
The point is I HATE orange juice... I HATE pulp and I absoultely HATE printed socks, colored socks, fuzzy socks, long socks I just do. But here I am wearing leopard socks drinking orange juice and I'm like whooaaa who are you?

So you're probably thinking, why is this a big deal? But it's the little things like this that makes you start to think about how much you've changed in the last month, or year, or decade.

I'm approaching my 5 year anniversary from high school and think about if I want to go to the reunion or not. It's awhile aways and who knows what I'll be doing. But I think about high school Jenna and me, now Jenna. I wonder how much of a difference is there and will everyone else notice? Is it a good thing to be the same or completely different?
I think I've changed quite a bit from high school. I'm still the weird creepy asian girl that is loud and talks a lot. But one of the biggest things I've noticed about myself is that I hardly ever feel embarrassed anymore. I would be embarrassed by lots of things before and now I could make a room clearing fart in front of one direction and on camera and still not be embarrassed (maybe a little horrified).

Long story short, the same or different, I am who I am and I've learned that everything I've been through in my life has made me the person that I am. And if you have a problem with it then just deal with it! But for real an even longer story that is shorter I am still Jenna just now I like orange juice and comfortable socks.

Thanks for reading!


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