Saturday, December 29, 2012

A wandering mind causes lack of sleep

Why does it seem like whenever I tell myself, "tonight I need to get some good sleep" my body thinks that it should wake up 5 times during the night and then wake up at 5:00 am? It kind of reminds me of the episode from season 9 of "Friends" when Chandler unknowingly agrees to go to Tulsa.

(quick fact: I love Friends and make references to them all the time even when the other person doesn't know what I'm talking about and I explain it to them but then they just get annoyed and doesn't find it as humorous as I).

I also will make lots of references to How I met Your Mother or Frasier or Golden Girls or sometimes DC Cupcakes. My friends think it's weird that I've watched all 11 seasons of Frasier more than 3 times but it was on netflix and I was unemployed for 2.5 months...there wasn't much else to do! (the unemployment thing is a whole other post to come later)
Speaking of cupcakes, I think my favorite would be red velvet. But only in cupcake form. Even when it's the exact same but in cake form, I don't like it as much. However when it is in cake form and there's cheesecake in the middle....that's a different story.

Something that I've realized about myself and I think this post as well as my friends could tell you is that I have "conversational ADD". It is a term I made up and I have self diagnosed myself. It's when I start talking (to others or in my head) and I start at one point in the story but it will lead me to completely different topic and then so on and so on. Which to the person listening to the conversation can be quite annoying. Even when I talk in my head I get annoyed. So if you asked me a question, it might take 20 minutes because I make lots of detours and pitstops to get to my answer.

I probably should go to the gym right now since I'm awake and have some time but I work 12-9 today and I'm thinking my feet hurt so I'm gonna try to go back to sleep or eat my leftover chinese food.

Thanks for reading :)


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