Monday, December 31, 2012

A life lesson: growing pains

It all started at work. I work in retail and we have lots of fun sparkly dresses for NYE. A good conversation starter that I use with customers is, "oh, so what do you have planned?!"  After they tell me their extravagant plans for the evening, I reply with "oh, that sounds like fun! I have no plans..." And then it ends with an awkward pause because they think I'm trying to invite myself to their party.

This is my first New Year's after graduating college. I work tonight from 11-5 which isn't bad and luckily I have tomorrow off. However, I have no friends :/ (if you are my friend that's reading this please don't be offended). In the past I would go out with some high school friends because we all would be home from break. But I don't have a break this year! And even though I still live in Ames, any of my college friends (that are still in school) went home for their break! I just cannot catch a break. And the ISU bowl game is at 2:30 so I won't be able to watch or listen... argwaawllahwwwiwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Go State!

I'm thinking this year I will be celebrating new year's by myself (insert singing all by myself by Eric Carmen or Celine Dion, whomever you prefer). Yes it's kind of sad, but at the same time my body is so tired from work that sleeping in my own bed with some ice cream and Netflix sounds good to me. 

I remember when I was younger my family would stay up to so we could watch the ball drop. As I got older my parents would go to bed before midnight and I would call them lame and boring and old. Now I'm feeling like I'm starting to become an "adult" (whatever that means). I would rather sleep and watch tv by myself instead of staying Up All Night (insert singing Up All Night by One Direction) being irresponsible and damaging my liver? What is going on? 

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